Wall Mounted Washing Lines vs Rotary – Which is Best?

Wall Mounted Washing Lines vs Rotary – Which is Best?

Have you ever wondered if a folding frame washing line is better than a rotary one? Below I try to answer some of the many questions I get asked about these many different styles of laundry and clothing lines.

This article discusses the main key points and differences that exist between these two styles of laundry lines, both of which are still very popular today.

To fold or rotate, that’s what we need the answer to!

First, we need to sort out exactly what each line is and how they differ in ways such as function, style, mounting location, and wash line.

A rotary washing line or clothesline is a rotating washing line that comes in different sizes that start at around 2.5 meters in diameter and go up to 6 meters for the really big models!)

There are generally two types of rotating washing lines, those that can be folded and removed after installation, and those that are permanently fixed in the ground.

By far, the collapsible style of rotary washing line is the most popular, sold worldwide, with permanently installed rotary machines being more popular in Australia, where the rotary washing line was invented, and probably also because they have larger units with more space.

The materials used in construction are mainly aluminum or steel and can be painted in a variety of colors, the most popular being Heritage Green and Beige, or simply natural aluminum or galvanized steel.

A wall-mounted washing line is one that attaches to the wall or can also be installed free-standing using a ground conversion kit.

With narrow models that are more suitable for longer, narrow areas, to those that protrude from the wall up to 1.5 meters.

You can also install and use all wall-mounted washing lines indoors, which is great for those countries that have bad weather.

Wall-mounted washing lines are commonly found in countries such as New Zealand and Australia, with rotary ones much more common in other regions.

When it comes to comparing the two styles, the rotary washing line offers the most row space, but also requires the most floor space.

Wall-mounted lines are more compact, so they’re ideal for smaller yards and areas like walkways and walkways, but they don’t have the drying area of ​​rotary ones.

When it comes down to it, you need to consider how much line space you need and how much laundry you will be doing.

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