Watch “We Were Lucky” “We Were Lucky”

Watch “We Were Lucky” “We Were Lucky”

Watch “We Were Lucky” “We Were Lucky”

Mass mako shark caught on camera flying out of the ocean and landing a fishing boat

On November 5, Churchys Charter NZ, controlled by Ryan Churches, took five passengers off their chartered fishing boat off the coast of Whitianga. New Zealand.

However, after clinging to one of the lines, the mako shark came out of the water and crashed onto the deck.

“We were fighting it normally and it was bouncing. I told the customers. “If he jumps overboard, get out of the way,” Churches said. New Zealand Herald.

Watch “We Were Lucky” “We Were Lucky”
A stock image of a mako shark near the boat (left) and a screenshot from a video of a mako shark on the deck of a Churchys Charters NZ boat. The shark jumped out of the water and lunged towards the bow after being caught on a fishing line.
iStock / Getty Images Plus / Churchys Charters NZ via Storyful

“It just so happened that after about 30 seconds he jumped on top of the ship. It was crazy. We were all looking at the pole and the line was coming out over the side of the boat and it suddenly changed direction … we just happened to jump at the same time and we had a terrible fright.”

There are two types of mi’m a sharks, shortfin and longfin. They are both found in temperate waters around the world.

They can grow up to 13 feet long and are classified as endangered According to the IUCN Red List. They are known to jump out of the water when clinging to fishing line in an attempt to escape, which has made them popular. game fishas anglers seek a spectacular view.

“When it is hooked, it is that it tries to free itself from the hook, trying to break the line of excess tension, bite it, etc., making quick bursts against (swimming far and deep in water) and towards the source. (jumping) from the tension that the fishing rod is subjected to,” said Marc Aquino Baleito, an oceanographer at the Centro Interdisciplinario de Ciencias Marinas in La Paz, Mexico. Newsweek.

The shark, which was about eight or nine feet long and weighed about 330 pounds, spent about two minutes slamming into the bow of the boat.

“I was trying to find ways to remove it if it didn’t slide. I wondered what we were doing. But it all worked out. Customers responded better than most. people would have. The cameras were there, but they probably didn’t realize the danger we could be in,” Churches said.

“We were lucky it was at the front of the boat and we had a windshield and hardtops to block it. We were lucky it didn’t end up in the back of the boat, otherwise it could have been a completely different story.”

The damage caused by this behavior depends on the shark’s size, jump height, weight and impact area, Baleito said.

“They are very strong animals, and the only way to seriously injure them is to get hit hard on the head…in fact, this is how fishermen traditionally ‘sedate’ them to avoid accidents after being caught.” he said.

Although it is a rare occurrence that mako sharks landing on fishing boats have been seen in the past, one example is a huge mako that almost landed on fishermen. Coast of Maine last month.

The New Zealand macaque in the video escaped safely, managing to free itself from the ship.

“We dropped the anchor a little because it seemed to be holding [on the boat]. He got absolutely flustered again and pushed himself through the bow and slid back into the water,” Churches said.

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