What is the difference between a motivational speaker and a public speaker?

What is the difference between a motivational speaker and a public speaker?

If you’re looking for a speaker to help your company improve teamwork, productivity and morale, then you’re probably looking for a motivational speaker. If you want someone to speak at your fundraising event or dinner, then a public speaker will probably be more suitable. How would you differentiate between the two types of speakers?

A motivational speaker will take an interest in your business, find out more about what you do and how you work. This will allow them to create the right kind of presentation that is designed to be unique to you. There is unlikely to be a “one size fits all” presentation as all companies are different.

The motivational speaker will know in advance what you need to achieve from the session and will incorporate this into the session. You may want to increase productivity, boost morale, or improve communication within the organization.

A motivational speaker will have the skills and experience to help you achieve these goals. Based on experience and skills, the speaker is likely to use analogies and situations outside the workplace to convey the message.

A good motivational speaker will follow up with you after the event to see how you’ve progressed. This will allow them to see how processes, procedures and perhaps even work practices have changed for the better. If things haven’t changed, they can offer ideas and advice on how you can achieve your goals.

A motivational speaker is not necessarily a household name. However, they will be a leader in their field or have experience of being in similar circumstances or recognize scenarios and know how to improve the current situation.

A motivational speaker will inspire and motivate staff to improve morale and productivity. This can be done by making employees feel more valued, helping to change processes or procedures, improving communication, making better use of existing staff skill sets, etc.

The public speaker will likely be a celebrity or well-known person. They may for example be an expert in their field or a television or radio personality. They may have a rags-to-riches story, not one of turning around ailing companies or growing turnover.

The public speaker is likely to talk about their experience and how they were influenced by it and how their experience changed them, rather than relating them to a business environment.

A public speaker will likely deliver the same speech to every audience because it is not tailored to a specific company or industry sector.

Public speakers are ideal for functions such as fundraising dinners and are a great way to encourage people to attend an event. Just imagine having a world famous celebrity show up and speak at your event!

While a public speaker may be funny, funny, and outspoken, that talk probably isn’t relevant in the workplace. You’re unlikely to be able to take on much that would make you more productive or improve morale.

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