What to do when the reset button on your Tuttnauer manual safety thermostat does not reset

What to do when the reset button on your Tuttnauer manual safety thermostat does not reset

Since 1925, Tuttnauer sterilization products have been used in all settings, including hospitals, universities, laboratories and all types of medical facilities. Tuttnauer autoclaves are used to sterilize equipment and these devices are known for their excellent design and great performance.

But like any piece of equipment, the Tuttnauer autoclave can have its fair share of problems. Fortunately, most autoclave problems are fairly easy to fix when you follow basic troubleshooting steps. There is really no point in taking your unit to an autoclave repair shop. Even if you have no mechanical skills or knowledge, you can repair your autoclave if you simply follow the steps laid out for you.

This article will provide a solution to repair your autoclave when the reset button on your shut-off thermostat does not reset.

Before doing anything else, you should make sure that the camera has cooled down completely. If the camera is still hot, the device will not reset. So, let it cool down and then try resetting the cut-off thermostat. Still not resetting? This is good. Go to next steps.

Because the little red reset button on your Tuttnauer autoclave is so small, you’ll need to get something sharp and pointed, like a fine-tipped pen, to push the reset button all the way down. When the button is pushed all the way in, you should hear a click and then the button will pop back out.

If power is not restored to your device after doing this, you should unplug it. Next, remove the 2 power wires that connect to the cut-off thermostat. Get an ohmmeter to check the continuity of the terminals.

If you cannot restore continuity to the terminals, you should simply replace the interrupting thermostat. Buying replacement parts online is easy, but before you order anything, follow these steps to make sure you’re getting the right part from a reputable dealer.

First, research the reputation of the company you plan to order spare parts from. Look for testimonials and customer reviews to get an idea of ​​the type of service they provide. A good autoclave parts dealer will have many positive customer reviews.

You should also be sure that the company stands behind the products it sells. A good company will give a 100% guarantee on all autoclave parts they sell, so you know you have nothing to lose.

Finally, make sure the company provides great technical support to guide you through ordering the correct part and installing it properly once you receive it.

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