When the value of something is unknown, abuse is inevitable

When the value of something is unknown, abuse is inevitable

We all have one thing or another that is more valuable to our neighbor. But because of ignorance, we blind ourselves with our ego and refuse to see what is right in front of us. We tend to place little or no value on the things and people that matter to us.

A man who believes he can have affairs with whomever he pleases has no value and has little or no idea of ​​keeping a home. No matter the love and respect showered on him by his wife, the dark and selfish sides always resurface from their shell. He has a hard time keeping his relationship/marriage under control.

A woman who believes in luxury would have a hard time sticking with a man who has nothing. She is blinded by material things and does not know true love when a sincere person approaches her. Her main focus will be on his pocket, car and business in which he is involved. She is filled with a lot of pride and would stop at nothing to get a good job with a huge salary. She looks down on any eligible bachelor who has nothing of his own. She only goes for guys of her caliber.

Children, on the other hand, are a blessing from God, they help build a home. Because without the presence of children in the home, a couple would certainly get tired of how quiet and normal their lives are. Children born of love help serve as a reminder of why the couple chose each other. They are seen as a “symbol of the purest love”.

Most people have a wonderful home filled with lots of love and appreciate what they have. While others who have a beautiful home do not know the value or worth of the home. They still have no idea why they got married, have kids and a wife/husband. Their thoughts are vague and filled with many unpleasant desires.

According to the popular saying “Everything happens for a reason”. Take a deep breath and look around, look at the way of life of those around you. I am quite sure you will be shocked at how they cling to what they have and speak highly of it wherever they go. There are others who don’t mind doing almost anything to have a family, to be in love, and to be loved in return.

Neither are you in the hospital, you are suffering, you have nowhere to lay your head, you are unemployed, you are praying for a companion in life, you are seeking the face of God for a child. But rather things work in your favor. Wouldn’t it be nice to be kind and gentle to your loved ones? Do you think of a situation where you are at a loss for words when they are no longer with you?

We keep repeating, “Life is short.” But how many people really get that into their heads? Remember that when you place little or no value on things in your life, someone out there is bound to take over someday. By then it would be too late to “cry over spilled milk”. So why wait to deprive yourself of what brings you happiness because of pride and foolish beliefs?

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