Which part of the globe do you call home?

Which part of the globe do you call home?

***Your home is your sanctuary, at least it should be. Which part of the globe you, your friends, pets or family are in is just as important as who you are as a person.

We connect and feel really great when we are happy in our comfortable space. We rest, eat, sleep and relax from our daily duties. Part of everyday life is sharing and giving time, love, space and help to others. To better help others, you must first achieve a comfortable living space. Finding a place for yourself is filling your comfortable space with things that take your place and things that relate to and reflect your style or taste. Home is the place where you feel most comfortable..

Know your role on a global scale. Keep your home as the most sacred place for you on earth. Know that your sacred place is yours and yours alone!

***Know that you have the right to PRIVACY and no one should be watching you, listening to your private conversations or breaking into your home.

** Be vigilant and make sure no one has access to your private phone calls, your WIFI service, or your intimate time with other people at home. So many people are bombarded with lunatics who want to know every bit of your whereabouts, actions and conversations that life and privacy need to be better guarded and protected.

Wherever you live on the globe, know where you feel most comfortable. Recognize what is good and feels like a good fit in terms of where you have chosen to live. If you’re a recent graduate or looking for a new home, take some time to decide which part of the globe you’ll call home.

We live in a big, huge country and on an even bigger planet. So what exactly does this invite for you and me? It invites change. Whether you change your mind, your thoughts or your place of residence, it all depends on you.

I can assure you of one thing: wherever you live on the globe, peace and comfort fill the void or need that makes your home a home. Make your home a home by living in a space you make your own personal retreat. Home is often referred to as your home because it is the most sought-after place for comfort and privacy – the tranquility of your house or home can be attributed to how wonderfully you rest and appreciate your personal spaceā€¦

Satisfying your need for a peaceful life depends on a peaceful home or place of residence.

Home is how we connect and let our hair down to renew or recharge our hearts, thoughts, minds and brains. It really doesn’t matter to me which part of the globe I call home, as long as I have comfort, space and privacy and my husband by my side, then I feel comfortable and at home.

I’ve lived in quite a few places over the past 20+ years. What I’ve learned is that it’s a matter of exposing yourself to as many new and different experiences as possible in the time you live in and being able to be mobile – thrive in the time you’re alive!

Living your life and being informed, aware, and gaining appreciation and respect for who, what, and where you have developed the greatest passion is rewarding!

Practice empathy and philanthropy throughout your life, caring for others and showing and giving and receiving love is the most important space to be in everyday.

I remember as a kid we traveled a lot locally and that’s probably when I first got the travel and adventure bug. I enjoyed long car rides with interesting conversations that initiated and created an all-around unusual way to discover many restaurants and local walks that were hilarious and quirky to say the least. We always noticed beautiful homes and neighborhoods and imagined ourselves living in very grand residences.

Many people call the big towering buildings home, the ones with closed alleys and roundabouts that direct one visitor to the next lane. Others call ancient high-rises their home, complete with porters, guards, security guards and winding staircases. To this day, I love to visit and see as many different places around the world that others call home, like a pioneer looking for adventure and new discoveries.

I’ve also seen small shantytowns lined with dirt roads covered in makeshift cardboard or plywood houses across the Texas-Mexico border, separating one country and standard of living on the other. It was honestly very sad, emotional and disheartening. Homes were gutted, boarded up, or filled with trash and debris that would later be traded for pennies on the dollar to eventually help support and feed a family of three or more survivors.

Growing up and seeing the disparity between such scenes, in true reality, NOT from a movie scene or a sad dream, but actually IS the reality of migrant workers and their families. Home was not a refuge or a comfortable abode. (sad face – now tears are running down my cheeks).

Many migrant workers come to our country legally to do work that most US citizens in our country would find too physically demanding, exhausting, exhausting or degrading.

I give no judgment to any of the actions of the equation. Right there and then I made a declaration: – I will choose to receive and provide help in the form of immediate medical care, support, education, sponsorship, or to help by achieving continuous philanthropic support to aid or assist others who cannot help themselves. The odds are stacked against them.

My eyes and heart have not forgotten what I first witnessed as a small child. On our way, passing the freeway on the way to the big university in my hometown, I first noticed the duality. My first reaction was shock, followed by grief, sadness and anger at seeing things of this magnitude.

I promised myself: When I have the means and the power to perform, the ability in me, to help some of the most deserving people, I will. I will help them have a chance and better allow them to experience a normal standard of living. I will be happy to assist!

It would be very rewarding for these small communities of migrant families and workers to be able to enjoy more beauty and have functional toilets, showers and places and spaces where they live around the world that they can proudly call their first choice. home. Know your role in helping others and do it emphatically!

**I look forward to learning from you and others who offer me knowledge all the time!~

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