Why cuckolding is not the same as a love affair

Why cuckolding is not the same as a love affair

Being cuckold is NOT the same as having an affair, even though most people think it is. The crucial difference is that one is done with the full knowledge, consent and even approval of the spouse, while the other is not.

Cuckolds and affairs

As you may already know, an “affair” is when one partner goes behind the other’s back and gets involved with another partner. And while marriages can survive an affair, there is no doubt that it is almost always destructive.

But a cuckold is very different.

Cuckolding, as it is known in the “community” or as a “hot woman”, is when a woman takes a lover with the express permission and approval and usually with strongly to her husband.

At first glance, it seems to most people that this is just as destructive as an affair, but for the men and women who live this lifestyle, it is not. Here are three reasons why:

  1. Both sides are fully aware of what is going on and – most importantly – both agree to it. This is the biggest difference of all because part of the destructive nature of affairs is the sense of betrayal because they almost always involve lying and deception.
  2. An affair is usually indicative of some deeper problem in the marriage and is an expression of the desire to escape the situation into the arms of another.
  3. Continuing from #2, because it’s something they share — something they do with each other and not to to each other, this is a sign that the marriage is strong, secure and loving.

The truth is, couples who love the cuckold lifestyle find that it draws them together, not apart, and usually means More ▼ physical and emotional intimacy — more sex and love, in other words — in their lives than before. And this is especially true when the man is involved in the cuckold, either by watching, listening, hearing all about it (a must for most men!), or even joining in.

No doubt… many, many men have the fantasy of being cuckolded and the problem is getting their women to agree (but when they do… it’s HOT). And if you can follow some simple guidelines, then the cuckold lifestyle might be right for you.

But be careful with your sources of information. This IS a potential minefield and one worth treading carefully. My wife Jocelyn and I have been in this lifestyle for the past 7 years and aside from a few hiccups, it’s been a lot of fun.

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