Why do people find it hard to give?

Why do people find it hard to give?

Mother’s Day is celebrated in the month of May, although the United Kingdom celebrates Mother’s Day in March. Whichever month this very special day is celebrated, my theme for today, Better to Give, reminds me of mothers’ effortless giving. I don’t know a mother who doesn’t live by this motto, “It’s better to give.”

I won’t go into why this topic is suitable for mothers because I think we all know that mothers would give anything and everything for their children. Rather, I will list some reasons why we sometimes refrain from giving. That is, we forget our maternal instinct and emotions when it comes to giving to people other than our children.

Why do people sometimes find it hard to give?

People have a hard time giving because of myopia.

We must look beyond the short term; it means losing something when we give. We should think about the benefits we will receive by giving today. A buyer requested a discount but was denied. Unknowingly, the customer asking for a discount intends to buy in bulk. If the seller had researched and developed a relationship with the customer, he could have known the opportunities to grow his business in the long term.

People find it hard to give because they think they deserve to keep what they’ve worked so hard for.

You refuse to give (share) part of your earnings to help the poor because you believe you deserve to enjoy what you have worked hard for. True, but then giving is a way of acknowledging God’s gift to you – the gift of strength, wisdom and good health for work.

People find it difficult to give because they feel that the recipient is not worthy of the gift. Are we worthy of God’s gift of talents and skills that enable us to earn a living or even build our wealth? If God were to make His blessings dependent on our worthiness, would anyone receive His blessings? As much as God gives because He loves us, we should do the same. We give not because of the merits of the recipient. Give because it is the right thing to do – to honor the deserving, to help the needy, to be a blessing, to show our love for God and for humanity.

People find it hard to give because they feel they have nothing more to give.

You think you can’t give your children much. But you give more than material things to your children. You give them your love and your time. You are not able to give much benefit to your workers. But you give them importance and your time to advise them on all matters. You may not have the capacity to give financially now, but look at the other resources you have. You will surely find something to give someone.

“It is more blessed to give than to receive” is worth thinking about and doing. As Proverbs 11:24 says, “One gives generously, but gains even more; another wrongfully deprives himself, but comes to poverty.” Why withhold giving, if you will not become rich by withholding? Why refuse to give when your giving will bring joy to someone? Give the way a mother gives to her children.

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