Why is a man being nice one day and ignoring you the next? 7 interesting insights

Why is a man being nice one day and ignoring you the next? 7 interesting insights

It can be annoying and confusing if your man is blowing you hot and cold all the time. Here are some interesting insights that decode why your man is nice to you one day and ignores you the next.


One of the main reasons why men have variable interest in a woman is because they are immature. Since he is not aware of his true emotions, he does not really know how to deal with them. Therefore, one day you find it too tender and the next completely off.
If you find yourself stuck in the company of such a person, it is highly recommended that you end the relationship as soon as possible, as you will not get what you desire in the long run.

He wants to look mysterious-

Some men want the woman to want him more and that’s why they act mysterious. This act of being interested one day and another is not just a way of establishing his mysterious nature. The more mysterious he seems, the more you try to woo him.

He wants to see if you’re really interested-

Sometimes a man uses the strategy of being interested one day and testing the woman the next. He wants to see if you are really interested in him or if he is just a passing phase for you. He also wants to gauge if you mean it when you say you’ll take it as it is.

He is bothered by your needy nature-

If you have been very demanding and needy of your man, then his behavior may be a reaction to your needy nature. In this case, on good days he will be interested in you, but on days with too many demands, his interest will decrease.

He’s just playing you-

Some men are players. These men never let a woman know how they really feel about her. If you feel like your man is manipulating you to suit his needs and demands and treats you as he sees fit according to his whims and fancies, then you have a player.

He’s too full of himself-

There are some men who are just selfish. Such men are so full of themselves that they cannot see what the other wants from them in the relationship. Because it all depends on what he wants and how he feels, he treats you this way.

He is afraid of commit-

If your man is afraid to get into a committed relationship, he will act that way with you. Because he wants to avoid commitment, he thinks that being inconsistent in his behavior will force you to realize that you don’t have a future with him and keep you focused on the present.

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