Why should the IDEALS leaders align with his group?

Why should the IDEALS leaders align with his group?

How can anyone effectively and meaningfully serve and represent their stakeholders and a particular organization unless/until they ensure their personal IDEALS, align directly with his group and constituents? Effective leadership requires proceeding with an open mind and prioritizing using common sense to achieve the best possible in-depth meeting of the minds for the greater good that meets current and future needs, goals, unique mission and group purpose as well as priorities and perceptions! After more than four decades of personal involvement in almost everything related to quality leadership, from identifying and qualifying, to training, developing and consulting thousands of actual and/or potential leaders, as well as serving, personally, in several cases, as a leader , I strongly believe that we must develop and train well-prepared leaders with the type of character quality needed and desired! With this in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, examine, review and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents and why it matters.

1. problems; integrity; innovation; insights; ideology: Which issues are the highest priority and why? A true leader must maintain absolute integrity, especially when the path of least resistance may be available and tempting! He must be forward-thinking, aligned with the core ideology of the group, and willing to innovate as needed in time to bring forth wise insights and strategic plans and action plans!

2. Dive deep; deliver: One has to go beyond the simplistic and dig deeper to discuss the best course of action to follow! Great leaders must be proactive and use this knowledge to provide the best leadership and direction possible!

3. Empathy; accent; energy/ energize; expertise; superiority: One must effectively, listen and learn from each conversation and experience in order to proceed, with the highest degree of true empathy! His emphasis should be based on this and his personal energy should serve to energize others! Great leadership comes from developing the best expertise and always, demanding, the highest degree of personal excellence, rather than settling for good-enough!

4. Conduct; ability; attention; articulate; actions: It takes a genuine, positive, can-do attitude, combined with a well-developed, relevant aptitude and skill set, and a willingness to pay close attention, to be prepared to take whatever action is necessary to achieve the very best results, etc.! One must articulate an inspiring message and follow it up with motivating, well thought out action!

5. I’m listening; I study; host: Since no one has all the answers or even knows all the questions to ask, the essence of quality leadership is being effective, listening and learning and becoming the best you can be!

6. systems; solutions; strengths/ stronger; sustainable: How and if one effectively identifies and uses the group’s strengths and uses them to make it better and stronger separates great leaders from the rest – of – the pack! This expertise and judgment should guide the creation of the best, most appropriate systems for the particular group and basing approaches on sustainable, appropriate, viable solutions, etc.!

Organizations need leaders whose IDEALS, join the group! Are you ready and fit to be a leader?

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