Why some husbands do not sleep in the same bedroom with their wives

Why some husbands do not sleep in the same bedroom with their wives

It may surprise you to know that some husbands do not sleep in the same bedroom with their wives as much as their wives would like. Ask such husbands if they love their wives or if they are on good terms with them and they will say yes.

Why does the husband sleep in another bedroom?

Several factors account for a husband sleeping in a bedroom other than his wife’s. These factors include, but are not limited to:

1. Snoring Wife: No one likes to be disturbed and have their precious rest time taken away, especially after a hard day’s work. So some men who don’t know how to deal with this problem just look for flimsy excuses to sleep in a separate bedroom.

2. Body Odor: Some people unfortunately have a body odor that is really disgusting and men gifted with a very good sense of smell can find a way out of this ordeal by taking solace in another bedroom.

3. Bad breath (halitosis): Bad breath, also known as halitosis in medical terms, is when a person has an unpleasant odor on their breath. Sleeping in the same bed would mean that the man gets the foul odor directly into his nostrils while the woman exhales it. Such a person may look for a place with fresher air to rest his head.

4. Excessive demand for sex: Some women are insatiable when it comes to sex; and when the husband discovers that the attempt to meet her incessant demand for sex will endanger his life, he tactically retires from this room to a safer retreat, whence he may periodically come to sleep with her when he has the strength.

5. Excessive heat: This is a problem for couples who are very fat and generate a lot of heat. Either the husband is too fat or the wife is too fat or both. Fat produces a lot of heat and this can make it very uncomfortable for both of you to sleep in the same bed.

6. Uncontrollable movement during sleep: Some people have a problem sleeping too deeply and having excessive body movement in the process. It is very difficult for his partner to sleep because he is occasionally hit or pushed out of bed. When a man does not get enough sleep due to this eternal problem, he will probably find an alternative.

7. Lack of true love: When a man does not truly love his wife, he finds a flaw that should not otherwise exist where there is love. So when he starts looking for reasons to sleep outside the room, it may be that he doesn’t love his wife.

8. Secret Deals: Men can sometimes get involved in secret deals that they don’t want their partner to know about. Some men may belong to a secret cult that requires them to perform rituals at a certain time of night; sleeping in the same room with their wives would not allow them to keep this secret, so they find excuses to have their own private bedrooms. Some men also have a secret date, which means they may receive unexpected midnight calls from their secret lovers. So, to avoid dramas, they hide from their wives by securing their private bedroom.

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