Win32 Bubnix Removal: Step-by-step removal instructions and information

Win32 Bubnix Removal: Step-by-step removal instructions and information

Win32/Bubnix is ​​a malicious computer worm that infects your system and completely gains control over your computer. This is a dangerous Trojan parasite that was first detected by Bit Defender antivirus on May 17, 2010. This new hacking threat has various aliases namely Rootkit/Bubnix, Gen: Rootkit.Nixoa.1, TR/Rootkit. Gen or W32/Rootkit. BNQN, Win32/Bubnix. This virus enters your system through Trojan horses or other malware like TrojanDownloader:Win32/Bubnix.A. When installed, it causes serious damage to your computer by blocking access to files and registries. It sends spam emails and letters to people, hacks your contact lists and steals your personal information. So it is very important to remove Win32/Bubnix as soon as possible.

This Trojan horse also downloads and executes random files, viruses and other malware along with it. It gains control over your confidential data and ultimately your entire system by reporting your web history to a remote server. Your system gets infected by this malicious worm over the internet while installing games, music, video or other software. Some threats from this group pose as free programs, plugins, etc. and you install them on your computer but actually they are a dangerous worm that damages your computer. So, beware of this trojan horse and remove Win32/Bubnix when detected.

Behaviors of this malicious threat

  • Showing annoying pop-ups and fake alerts
  • Changes desktop settings
  • It creates unwanted shortcuts in various places
  • It can steal passwords, credit card and bank account information
  • Corrupt Windows registry
  • Executes malicious code in the “services.exe” process
  • Submit web history to a hacker
  • Redirect Google, Yahoo searches to a remote server
  • Slow system performance and internet connection

Once you find this harmful Trojan, remove it immediately by following the manual steps below:

  • Kill its process using Windows Task Manager. Here you can search the process and select the End Process key to stop the current process
  • Find and delete registry entries
  • Remove its related files like exe, dll, lsp from all locations on your computer. Also remove associated toolbar, plugin, browser hijacker, etc.

It is very difficult to remove Win32/Bubnix manually because it periodically rewrites its malicious files and uses a rootkit method to hide its file and directories. So, some traces of files still remain in your system, which you can completely remove with the help of effective anti-spyware software. The software thoroughly scans the Windows registry to find and delete infected files. It has a GUI environment that is very easy to use and can be operated by any non-technical person. So you can use it to remove Win32/Bubnix from your system.

If you have slow internet connection or computer speed due to this evil worm, then you can use computer maintenance software to improve your system performance and optimize its memory.

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