Work at home – payment gateway solution

Work at home – payment gateway solution

When someone sets out to work at home with an online business, they need to think about how they will be paid. You see, unlike a traditional business where your customers would come in, pick up the items they want to buy and give you their credit card, you don’t have that option when you’re a home based online business. Therefore, you will need what is known as a payment gateway.

The payment gateway is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a portal from your website that the buyer clicks on the “Complete Sale” button to your merchant account. This gateway enables you to accept both credit cards and checks on your website within seconds.

One of the most secure features of a payment gateway is its security. We all know the world is full of identity theft. It’s massive in people’s minds. Therefore, a reputable payment gateway will encrypt your customers’ credit card numbers and other sensitive information en route to your merchant account. Once the transaction is accepted or declined, it will send an authorization number back to the payment gateway. This whole process takes less than three seconds. Your merchant account will then transmit your approved transactions to the issuing bank and the payment is deposited into your business account usually within 2-3 business days.

Now I’m convinced and want to know how I can get a payment gateway for my website. Well, it is actually quite simple as there are several companies that offer this service. In addition, there are some services that offer additional fraud filters that allow you to set the parameters. For anyone selling items online as a home business, I highly recommend getting this software.

Additionally, many payment gateways allow you to take orders over the phone and manually enter the customer’s credit card information. You simply log into your merchant account and enter the order manually over the Internet. This is useful because the last thing you want to do if a customer calls and is ready to order is to direct them back to your website. Rather, you want to close the sale on the spot.

As we discussed, there are several companies that offer portal subscriptions to business owners. Shop and compare prices, then choose the best option for your home business.

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