WWE Crown Jewel 2022: 3 Superstars Who Could Be Heels & 2 Who Could Be Babyfaces

WWE Crown Jewel 2022: 3 Superstars Who Could Be Heels & 2 Who Could Be Babyfaces

WWE Crown Jewel 2022: 3 Superstars Who Could Be Heels & 2 Who Could Be Babyfaces

the fourth edition of WWE Crown Jewel 2022 is the business’s next stop on its premium live event schedule. This will be the second Crown Jewel to be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, following the inaugural event in 2018.

Many blockbuster matches Brock Lesnar will battle Bobby Lashley, and Omos and Braun Strowman are set for a breakout showdown. Roman Reigns will defend his Undisputed WWE Universal Title against Logan Paul.

There could be some surprising character changes at the upcoming event. In this list, we’ll look at three superstars who could turn heel and two who could turn babyface in WWE Crown Jewel 2022.

#5. Nikki Cross turns around after costing Bianca Bellaire the RAW Women’s Championship

Hotel SmackDown Mentions Nikki Cross has been close to her heart ever since she ditched her superhero costumes. Her attack on Bianca Belair and Bayley on RAW as well Live events highlights him as a dangerous ingredient in the upcoming Crown Jewel game.

The general belief is that Cross will challenge Bayley for the Crown Jewel 2022 title fight. However, the WWE might get sidetracked and get too hot on Nikki. After another attack on both competitors, Bayley may be the last woman standing, literally thanks to the support of the members of Damage CTRL.

WWE hasn’t had a good history with tweeners lately. It shows their lack of plans for the character, which was marked by The Fiend’s run with Alexa Bliss. Nikki Cross could still do wonders as a heel, though not with the ASH gimmick.

#4. MVP turns around after hooking up with Braun Strowman

The Ballin’ Superstar has been by Omos’ side since he turned against Bobby Lashley in April. Although he has been a good manager and mentor, the seven-foot giant has yet to make an impact on the main roster.

Recently, Omos has been trending down. He lost a match against Bobby Lashley and was also dusted at Money in the Bank. His setbacks could be difficult for MVP to overcome, such that a loss at Crown Jewel 2022 could force him to turn to Braun Strowman.

On the last episode of RAW, MVP said he has a surprise in store For Strowman. If it falls through at Crown Jewel 2022, expect the 49-year-old star to team up with The Monster of All Monsters as a babyface.

#3. Bobby Lashley taps and turns after losing to Brock Lesnar

Bobby Lashley’s brutal side has been on display for the past few weeks. In addition to the brawl on RAW, All Mighty smashed Brock Lesnar through a table to make an announcement to the crowd.

WWE has done well in showcasing Lashley’s extreme capabilities. However, the odds are in favor of the Crown Jewel showing bringing Lesnar back. The Beast Incarnate has already cost Lashley his United States title, and a win could further anger Lashley.

Furthermore, Bobby Lashley can tap in and unleash a brutal assault on Lesnar. He could even destroy the ring and everything in his path to clearly hint at a heel turn in the future.

#2. Bayley could be hinting at a babyface turn after another loss to Bianca Bellair

“Last Woman Standing” clauses are usually introduced to end a feud. Considering Bailey and Bianca Beller have been at each other’s throats since last year, Crown Jewel 2022 could be the platform for their final showdown.

WWE’s EST is likely to continue its reign of dominance. Alexa Bliss and Asuka winning the tag titles further confirming that babyfaces will rule the red brand. This is potentially bad news for Damage CTRL.

A back-to-back loss to Bianca Bellaire may finally force Bailey to recognize her opponent at Crown Jewel 2022. By shaking hands, he may be hinting at a face turn. A frustrated Bayley may even blame IYO SKY and Dakota Kai for her loss.

There have been signs of a drop in Damage CTRL recently. The alliance is now devoid of glory, and it’s only a matter of time before a member turns to the brighter side.

#1. Logan Paul may turn around after his loss to Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel 2022.

that “one lucky shot“It may not be the end of Roman Reigns’ historic title reign. The clan leader has been leading the company for over two years and is now irreplaceable.

WWE fans believe that Logan Paul is fodder for Reigns at a time when the company lacks capable competitors. Bray Wyatt and Karion Cross are in development. Furthermore, a potential WrestleMania is in the planning The Rock vs. Reigns of Rome can continue as long as they can.

This makes it almost impossible for Logan Paul to win against Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel 2022. In defeat, The Maverick can break and connect with the audience. A heel turn would be good for the YouTube sensation as he is a natural heat magnet due to his controversial yet brave antics.

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