Your Jewish Jewelry Gift Guide

Your Jewish Jewelry Gift Guide

There is a wide variety of geometric figures and shapes that define Jewish jewelry. Most Jewish jewelry is unique in design and has a lot of religious meaning and symbolic meaning. These beautiful jewels, including the Jewish manor and the Hamsa hand, have served as symbols of Jewish families for thousands of years, helping to ensure that their traditions and history live on.

The Jewish menorah is a Jewish artifact of great significance and has been celebrated for over 2,000 years. As the official emblem of Israel, the Menorah has a long and glorious ancient history. The geometric form of the Menorah, a 7-pronged candlestick, was first revealed to Moses while on Mount Sinai. Years later, golden menorahs shone in the temple, standing tall and illuminating the rooms. This form is often used in Jewish jewelry.

The menuza is another Jewish artifact with a lot of history. It is believed that the menuza will protect the home and all its inhabitants. A piece of Jewish parchment paper, the Menuza is kept in a decorative box and attached to the door frame of a Jewish home. Menus are often given as gifts at housewarming parties, especially since they are small and personal.

There are other Jewish symbols that are also considered jewelry. The Hand of Hasma, the Seal of Solomon, and the Star of David are all jewels that have symbolic meaning. Additionally, these items are often made of precious metals, including sterling silver, pewter, and gold.

Geometric shapes form important Jewish symbols. For example, the Star of David, a hexagram, is representative of David, who was the ruler of Israel. The six-pointed star that was his house emblem reflects where heaven meets earth. It also appears on the flag of Israel.

When looking for Jewish jewelry gifts, tradition holds that the jewelry reflects the history of Judaism and Israel. The various geometric shapes and emblems that have meaning and symbolism in the culture and religious beliefs of Jewish families are often represented in beautiful jewelry that can be given as gifts. These pieces are filled with cultural meaning and history, making them personal and thoughtful gifts for the recipient.

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